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10 key people around Svanevit

In chronological order 1929 – 2020

1. Erik Åkerlund (pictured)

Publisher who in 1929 had the idea of the world’s finest   12mR yacht to sail for the Royal Swedish Yacht Club.

2. Gustaf Estlander

Finnish-Swedish boat-constructor who drew up the design.

3. Carl Plym

The boatbuilder who was commissioned to make her, 1929–1930.

4. Ernhold Lundström

Businessman, owner 1934-1954 when she was named Irene. Home port Malmo, sailed for Malmo Sailing Society.

5. Nils Gäbel

Businessman, owner to 1958. Rechristened Silvervingen X. Home port Saltsjö Duvnäs, Stockholm, sailed for the Royal Swedish Yacht Club. Sailed from Sweden to the Mediterranean.

6. Harry Hyams

English property magnate, owner 1958-2017. Then named Barranquilla. Home port Hamble, sailed for the Royal Southern Yacht Club.

7. Bobby Cyrus

Discovered Princess Svanevit in England in 2008 while employed at Stockholms Båtsnickeri. Together with Andreas Millde worked to bring her home again in 2017.

8. Fiona Davies and Jamie Abdy Collins. Joined as co-owners when she was purchased in England. Fiona is the daughter of Don Shead who raced speedboats with Harry Hyams.  

9. Andreas Millde

Boatbuilder who took part in the search, owner of Stockholms Båtsnickeri which is carrying out the restoration.

10. Burre Hellman

Had Princess Svanevit in mind when he started the Burre Hellman Family Foundation. Daughter Charlotte Hellman is a driving force in the Princess Svanevit project and the Swedish Wooden Boats Association.

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