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In honour of Evert Taube

(one of Sweden’s most beloved artists)


Vinga island with its lighthouse is a special symbol for the city of Gothenburg, and the place where Evert Taube grew up. The fundraising for this intarsia wood-inlay honouring his memory is based both on this intimate connection and the fact that Evert Taube and Erik Åkerlund were friends. When Princess Svanevit was launched, during the Jubilee Regatta marking the 100th anniversary of the Royal Swedish Yacht Club (Kungliga Svenska Segelsällskapet, KSSS), Evert Taube was at the wheel of Erik Åkerlund’s motor yacht Stella Marina. She carried royal passengers in the form of King Gustaf V, Crown Prince Gustaf Adolf, Princes Carl and Sigvard, and the Princesses Ingeborg, Margareta and Ingrid.

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