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Adopt an intarsia wood-inlay

12mR Princess Svanevit was built to put Sweden on the map as a yacht-racing, boatbuilding nation capable of the finest craftmanship. She was built with the idea “only the best is good enough”, hence Sweden’s finest artists being involved in making her a floting art salon. The intarsia wood-inlays adorning the doors and panels, designed by Ewald Dahlskog, have now been restored. The were exhibited at Liljevalchs art gallery in Stockholm, one of Sweden’s leading art museums, between February and April 2022. The entire interior will be rebuilt onboard during the winter 2022/2023. The boat as well as the intarsia wood-inlays are renovated in Sweden because it’s imperative that the skill and craftsmanship can continue to flourish in our country.


The names of those that adopt an intarsia, i e donate money towards the restoration of the doors and panels, will be inscribed onboard Princess Svanevit. Please contact us at if you are interested in adopting a particular motif. 

Images of the different intarsia wood-inlays, including price list.pdf

Click on the links below to read about the intensions behind some of the adoptions:


The Princess


Leif Erikson's viking longship


To some of the intarsia wood-inlays, there are ongoing public fundraising and every contribution would be very much welcomed – just don’t forget to specify the renovation for which motif you want to support.


To make a contribution to the Princess Svanevit Foundation: bank giro 5860-6476.


Click on the links below to read about the history behind the fundraising:

Vinga - In honour of Evert Taube

Venus - To Harry Hyams with gratitude

The Cog - Oskarshamnskoggen

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