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To Harry Hyams with gratitude


Harry Hyams was the owner of Princess Svanevit for almost sixty years. He namned her Barranquilla, after his first company. Harry Hyams was one of Britain’s foremost art collectors and was known for never selling anything. He certainly didn’t want to sell Barranquilla/Princess Svanevit, but shortly before his death, he made an exception and declared that his beloved yacht could be sold – but only if the buyers were Bobby Cyrus and Andreas Millde. She should return to Sweden, to her roots and the history that had been conveyed to him by Bobby and Andreas during the years. They had explained the background and meaning of the different intarsia motifs and the name Plym.


Thanks to Harry Hyams, the interior was almost untouched when Princess Svanevit returned to Sweden and, despite all the years in the salty winds of the south coast of England, still in relatively good shape. Experts had come from Paris to care for the intarsia. As a token of our gratitude for Harry Hyams’s appreciation for the beauty in a unique Swedish heritage, there’s a fundraising for the motif Venus in his honour.

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