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Liljevalchs art gallery, spring 2022

“For me it feels absolutely natural to put on in spring 2022 an exhibition featuring the wonderful interior of Princess Svanevit, in what will be our newly inaugurated extension, Liljevalchs+. The focus is Ewald Dahlskog and the intarsia inlays of the grand salon. We’re talking Swedish Grace, we’re talking artistic craftmanship of the highest order. We’re talking cultural history! And there isn’t a better place for this than Liljevalchs, which since 1916 has worked to promote the arts and crafts – and this is coming from a person who feels seasick at the mere thought of going to sea!” 


Mårten Castenfors, director of Liljevalchs.


Liljevalchs art gallery in Stockholm is one of Sweden’s leading art museums. Go to Liljevalchs homepage for more info.

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