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Our singular yacht goes double-handed: Princess Svanevit will compete in Raymarine2star 2024.

It is on May 26, the start of what might be the toughest shorthanded race of the year. One of the participating boats is a 22 metre long and almost a hundred years old wooden boat. She will be sailed by Gustaf Dyrssen and Anders Lewander, who are now preparing for an extraordinary challenge.

Princess Svanevit is a classic Swedish 12mR from 1930. Between 2017 and 2022, she underwent a meticulous renovation and today she is in absolute mint condition.

The project has also attracted international attention. In early April, for example, she was awarded the "Best restored sailing vessel over 40 ft" in the British Classic Boat Awards 2024.

The aim of the restoration has been to restore Princess Svanevit to her 1930s condition and appearance. But she is not a museum piece. She was built for racing, says Charlotte Hellman, chair of the foundation that owns the boat: - Competing in races is a way to both honor her history and showcase her and the cultural heritage she represents to a wider audience," she says.

And now Princess Svanevit has been entered in the Raymarine2star 2024, a race that has been running since 2008 and is considered one of the most demanding ocean races in the Nordic region. The course is approximately 300 nautical miles long, sailed on the open sea - with only two people in the crew.

Gustaf Dyrssen and Anders Lewander have been chosen for the mission. They are well-known sailing profiles - Anders has been skipper in the Volvo Ocean Race - and they have extensive experience in both ocean racing and big boats. Photographer and ocean racer Malcolm Hanes is on board to capture the sailing and provide safety back-up. It will come in handy. Princess Svanevit is 22 meters long and weighs 27 tons. The mast rises 25 metres above the deck and on the wind she carries almost 240 square metres of sail. Twelve Metre yachts are designed for fleet racing and normally sail with a crew of 14, while Princess Svanevit will be sailed by two people on the Baltic Sea for several days.

- It's actually a pretty crazy project, admits Gustaf. But safety will come first. We're not going to expose a boat like this to any unnecessary risks.

Anders is a sailmaker at North Sails and has been responsible for the development of Princess Svanevit's sail wardrobe. He has been part of the project for several years and besides the pleasure that awaits, he views it as an honorary mission.

Raymarine2star starts in Oxelösund on May 26. Nightly pit stops are planned in Visby and Oskarshamn and the participants are expected to finish in Oxelösund on May 28. So, if you want to experience Princess Svanevit, you should go to one of these places - or even better, sign up for the race itself.

- It's a fantastic race, says Anders, and we hope that our participation can encourage more people to sign up. If you can enter a 94-year-old wooden boat, you can enter any boat.

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