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Princess Svanevit’s signature


When Princess Svanevit was commissioned, Plym’s shipyard was instructed to build the finest of sailing yachts. The Saltsjöbaden area of Stockholm was world-renowned for the high quality of its boatbuilders, who chose only the finest materials available from fore to aft, from mast top to keel. When Princess Svanevit was launched a year later in 1930 her design and quality were unparalleled.


Artistry - Swedish Grace

Master designer of the day Ewald Dahlskog – he had already decorated the Stockholm Concert House (Stockholms Konserthus) and Ivar Kreuger’s Match Palace (Tändstickspalatset) – was asked to design the interior before the boat was built. Now, just over 90 years later, the interior wood-inlays have been restored. They were exhibited at Liljevalchs art gallery in Stockholm between February and April 2022.



In her first few years Princess Svanevit was raced successfully in Sweden and England before being sold for the first time. She then had her home port in Malmo, Saltsjö Duvnäs (near Stockholm) and Torrevieja in Spain. But then she vanished… Rumours abounded in Sweden over what had happened to one of the country’s most celebrated yachts. Some claimed she had been chopped up, others that she had sunk during a Mediterranean storm. For many years people searched high and low. Finally, after a number of dead leads, there was talk of a 12mR in England that was ashore and looking worse for wear. Could it be her?



Yes, it was Princess Svanevit, however initially the owner wouldn’t sell. It took years of dogged perseverance but finally the deal was closed. Though she returned to Sweden in poor condition, the excellent quality of Plym’s boatbuilding had ensured that she had survived the waves, wind, sun and saltwater. Thanks to the boatyard Stockholms Båtsnickeri’s persistence and the active engagement of the Burre Hellman Family Foundation, Princess Svanevit is today being restored just 4 kilometres from the place where she was conceived.



Though built in the traditional way, even in the 1930s there was no shortage of innovation. Today she is being renovated with the help of computer-aided design, CAD, and robotic technology, but classic boatbuilding techniques hold sway, thereby ensuring she can sail for at least another 90 years.



Made from natural materials, Princess Svanevit is now being renovated with an emphasis on sustainability at every stage. And when she’s back in the water she’ll be fitted with quiet, environment-friendly electric motors. The entire project is being conducted with the environment and sustainability to the fore.


Role model

Having Princess Svanevit back home again pleases all sailors. That she is being restored to mint condition is a massive achievement. That this is largely down to non-profit actors, and she will be contributing to future renovation projects, is an even bigger achievement. Promoting both the preservation of classic boats and the art of Swedish boatbuilding is a unique mission as well as a vision!


Meeting place

Princess Svanevit will be restored to be the perfect yacht for getting together, for business or pleasure. Welcome aboard! 

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