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A big thank you

Updated: Jun 1

• to Raymarine2star for allowing Princess Svanevit to race

• to OXSS, WSS and OSS for the warm welcome

• to Malcolm and Per for amazing images

• to our safety boat Baines and crew

• and - above all - to Gustaf and Anders whose capable hands made everything possible!

Congratulations Groovie, winner of Raymarine2star 2024!

1930 vs 2024

Heading for the finish in Visby in a tough fight for "Line Honours" against the J/121 Jolene.

On leg 2 from Visby to Oskarshamn.

Långe Eriks lighthouse on Ölands northern headland.

Premiere for the Princess brand new gennaker.

Heading for Blå Jungfrun after the start of leg 3 in Oskarshamn.

When everything was looking so good...whoops...we all know how it feels when you drive into a wind hole and the boats in front disappear into the horizon and the boats behind you go around the wind hole and pass you to windward...ouch, ouch, ouch...

Well there will be more regattas :-)

For the sailing geek, this can be studied in TracTrac. Stage 3, Replay, All classes, Time 12.38 >

Finally, the wind filled in even for the patient ones.

Princess Svanevits safety boat "Baines".

Preparing for a night finish in Oxelösund.

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